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Our tila bracelets are AMAZING! These tila bracelets are threaded onto string for an adjustable fit. We use flat square beads called tila beads to make our beaded bracelets.

One thing you will quickly notice is how versatile our beaded bracelets are. They are good bracelets to play sports in. They are bracelets made for swimmers because they are waterproof bracelets. You can use these bracelets to class up a daily outfit, or use our bracelets to compliment a night out on the town.

***These bracelets are available in limited sizes and quantities.***

Tila bracelets can also double or fit in with boho bracelets (also know as bohemian bracelets). Beaded bracelets for women and teens are all throughout our shop. These make amazing gifts! We've got you covered and we know you're going to love our high quality bead bracelets!!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our products.