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These cute tila bracelets will charm the heck out of you. They're sassy and sweet all at the same time. Mix and match these beaded bracelets for your own unique style or pick the perfect gift for that special someone.

Mack & Rex tila bracelets are made with stretchy, durable crystal cor.. The flat glass tiles are made by Miyuki, the #1 bead manufacture in the world. You can wear your bracelet while swimming, exercising, dancing, lifting weights- you name it! It’s so comfy you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.


We’ve created our sizes to be the exact shirt size you wear. For example, if you wear a women’s large shirt, you will order a women’s large bracelet. If you wear a large shirt but consider your wrists larger than average, you may look at sizing up. Most people know if their bone structure is large, average or petite.

To determine the best bracelet size, measure the exact length of your wrist- you can use string and compare it to a ruler, or a $1 bill is exactly 6 inches Add .25 to your exact wrist size, and that’s the best option for a comfortable bracelet that won’t slide up and down your wrist.


We advertise our most popular sizes in our bracelet listings.  But get this: we can make any size of bracelet you need. Please note that selecting a custom size will add anywhere between 4-10 extra processing days to you order because we make our bracelets by hand. To get a custom size, you’ll simply need to select that option as your ‘size’. When you pay for your order, there will be a notes field for you to enter the size information into. We will reach out if we have any questions, so please be sure to include the best way to get in touch.


Our bracelets are meant to last a very long time. There’s are a few things you need to know when wearing our products:

1. We will guarantee our work. If within the first 30 days you have your bracelet and it breaks for any reason - contact us for an RMA number and you can ship it back to us for a replacement at no charge. There shouldn’t be any issues, but we’ve got you covered just-in-case. 

2. Transparency is the best policy- as such we want to make sure our clients know that our gold beads are 14K gold-plated, not gold filled. Same with silver- it’s plated, not gilled. There are no beads that are gold or silver filled, so plated is as close as we can get. If you have a bracelet with gold or silver, we recommend being a little more gentle on those. They are still going to be waterproof, last a long time & look great - but the plating does eventually wear down and will start showing a little black. If this happens to you, we have your back! If you need to have us restring your bracelet with new silver or gold beads, we will charge only for our time and beads. 

3. We are interested in your happiness. Our team at Mack & Rex works really hard to give you a good experience - from your order all the way to delivery. We WANT to hear from you and learn where we can be better.  If you’re seeing new products in the market that you would like us to carry - reach out! We also welcome any feedback that can make our website, product and customer service better. 



    (345 ratings)


    (345 ratings)