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    6 Things Guaranteed To Make Your Kid's Easter Special (That Anyone Can Do!)

    There is a rabbit and painted eggs in and around a nest in the grass.

    You only get so many Easters with your kids when they're young, so make them count. You can make Easter a time of sweet treats, beautiful memories, and a whole ton of fun with the right tools. Here are 5 ways to infuse your Easter celebrations with fun this year:

    1. Personalized Easter Baskets

    Start the day with a personalized touch by preparing Easter baskets tailored to each child's interests. Fill them with a mix of traditional goodies like chocolate eggs and jelly beans, along with small toys, books, jewelry, or art supplies. You can even include a special note or a handmade item to make the basket extra special.

    2. Easter Egg Decorating Party

    Gather some eggs, paints, stickers, and markers, and host an egg decorating party. Encourage the kids to unleash their creativity by creating colorful and unique designs. You can also introduce different techniques like tie-dye, marbling, or using natural dyes for a fun learning experience.

    3. Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

    An Easter egg hunt is a must-have activity for the holiday. Hide eggs filled with treats or small toys around your yard or home. For an added twist, assign different point values to the eggs based on their color or size, and tally up the points at the end for a friendly competition.

    4. Easter Bunny Tracks

    Create a magical experience by leaving "bunny tracks" leading to the Easter baskets or around the egg hunt area. You can use flour or powdered sugar to make the footprints, adding to the excitement of discovering what the Easter Bunny has left behind. For a slightly less messy piece of magic, leave a trail of wrapped easter eggs to their baskets and hide them somewhere in the house (pro tip: have a trail for each kid so they can have their own chocolates).

    5. Easter-Themed Crafts & Bracelet Making!

    Set up a crafting station with supplies for making Easter-themed crafts like bunny masks, egg carton chicks, or paper flower bouquets.

    You can also make easter themed bracelets using our kits! Let your kids experiment and learn the joy of creating as they make something with their own hands. These activities not only keep the kids entertained but also provide them with handmade decorations to display around the house.

    6. Outdoor Easter Picnic

    Take advantage of the spring weather by organizing an Easter picnic. Pack a basket with sandwiches, fruits, and Easter-themed treats like bunny-shaped cookies or carrot cake. Bring along some outdoor games or a kite for a fun-filled day in the park.

    By incorporating these fun ideas into your Easter celebration, you'll not only create lasting memories for your kids but also come closer as a family. Good luck with your Easter celebrations and check out our bracelet-making kits to make some memories, along with beautiful bracelets!