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Pick from 3 color packs to receive your first month! Then you'll be put into the next round of monthly subscriptions moving forward, and that's when you will start getting the gold & silver plated beads too!  Subscriptions are all mailed within the first 1-2 weeks of each month. 

Our subscription color packs are EXCLUSIVE, and will not be listed online for sale. Each month you will get a case with 12 new tila bead colors! There will be a total of 60 grams (5 grams of each color - including gold/silver!) You will receive a variety of tila sizes, including half, whole and quarter tila beads. 



  • 3 Basic Colors (see below)
  • 6 Seasonal Colors  (see below)
  • 1 Tila Mix (see below)
  • 1 Gold/Silver (see below)
  • 1 Rare/New (see below)
  • Acrylic case, 12 acrylic containers inside the case containing beads
  • 15% discount on ALL products for the life of your subscription
  • Free shipping for the life of your subscription
  • Offer suggestions on new colors you want us to create!
  • Exclusive Customer service where you receive higher priority
  • Cancel Anytime after your first 3 months, no catch or cancellation fees.



 BASIC COLORS - Basic colors consist of popular neutrals that are commonly used. These include (but are not limited to) whites, blacks, creams, pearls, grays. The finish on these beads could vary as well, such as glossy, matte, luster. The goal is to get you beads you're most likely to run low on. We will rotate through a variety of tila sizes, including quarter, half & whole.

SEASONAL COLORS - Seasonal colors aren't necessarily going to be reds for Valentines or orange for Halloween.  We pick from either the fashion industry, or current color trends we are seeing on the rise from our customers. There might be a small number of colors that relate to an upcoming holiday, but we will make SURE that they are classy enough that they won't be limited to only that holiday. We will rotate through a variety of tila sizes, including quarter, half & whole. 

TILA BEAD MIX - Our Tila bead mixes have a variety of colors or sizes that all compliment each other. On occasion, the mixes might have some small round beads or larger tiles that work with the tila beads. The mixes we send out will always have tila beads as the base majority.

GOLD/SILVER PLATED - Lucky! We will give you 5 grams of gold or silver plated tila beads in each subscription. We will rotate through a variety of tila sizes, including quarter, half & whole. 

RARE/NEW - We have the COOLEST tila beads! Some of them are created specifically for Mack & Rex, and others are designer/rare that we've tracked down in limited supply. If we have a new color releasing, we might just surprise you and pop it into your subscription as the 'rare' option. These will always be unusual ( but not not weird, don't worry!) for example, our white beads that have the gold swirls on them, or our zebra beads would be considered 'rare'. We will rotate through a variety of tila sizes, including quarter, half & whole.



If you sign up before the 20th: you'll get the current subscription sent to you, AND then the next immediate month. 

If you sign up after the 20th: you'll be signed up but will miss the current subscription, and hit the following subscription. (For instance, if you sign up March 23, then you will get your first subscription in May because you missed the deadline for April)


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