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We give you everything you need to make tila bracelets, including a free online tutorial. Simply Pick one of our color pack options, and then we give you the rest! Our Starter Pack gives you enough beads to make 20 medium size bracelets. 

Here's what our Tila Bead Bracelet Kit Includes:

  • Color Pack that with 12 bead colors in acrylic containers
  • Set of tools that include pliers and side cutters
  • .5mm Crystal elastic stretch cord for making bracelets
  • Two beading needles that lock at the top (the elastic doesn't slip!)
  • Crimp Beads to help beads from slipping off when you tie off
  • Knot Covers to end the bracelets
  • Bead mat with measuring ruler on the bottom for sizing. 
  • Free tila bead bracelet tutorial that breaks it down into 6 easy steps!!

If you're like me, you want to know WHY this is kit has value. If you were to buy 20 of our bracelets (same number the kit makes) the total would be $320. The kit makes 20 bracelets, AND you have everything you need to keep going! You can get more color packs or just get individual bead colors. 

With our bracelet kit, it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a pro, you should be able to do it and love the high quality products! Our Starter Kit is perfect for ANY individual who likes to make jewelry or craft.  If you need something for a larger group, we recommend our Ultimate DIY Bracelet Kit . It has 30 different tila bead colors and sizes and makes over 80 tila bead bracelets!! You can find our Ultimate Bracelet Kit here...


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions! Our email is info@mackandrex.com


PS - don't forget to look at our custom tila colors and mixes!