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Our Ultimate Bracelet Jewelry Kit is the most popular jewelry craft for large groups and intense crafters. We’ve taken the time to put together our most popular products so you don’t have to!

There are 32 colors, a total of 220 grams! That’s enough to make 80 medium-size bracelets. We include our 12 most popular colors in large containers with 10 grams of each bead color. We added in 20 of our most popular accent colors in containers with 5 grams of each.

There are multiple types of crystal elastic you can use, and we include the exact one we use here at Mack & Rex to make our tila bracelets.

The Mack & Rex bead mat you get with the Ultimate pack is one of the most important pieces! You’re able to measure the length of the bracelet as you build it - those of you who have made any type of jewelry will know the value and convenience this will bring!

We provide a tool kit with 7 tools in a leather case. The tool kit not only includes what you need for tile bracelets, but it also includes some extra in case you branch out a little further when you’re making jewelry.

The knot covers we include are very strong. We include 100 total crimp/knot covers.

Our beading needles help with accuracy and stringing faster, and they make a HUGE difference in your experience. These are the exact needles we use here! We want you to have the best of the best, because the RIGHT needles are a game changer.

With our Ultimate Tila bracelet kit, you’ll have everything you need to make 80+ Bracelets.


  • 7 tools in a leather case with zipper
  • Bead Mat with measuring marks
  • 100 Meters of .5mm elastic
  • 4 Needles
  • 12 Large Containers of our most used colors (10 grams in each)
  • 20 Small Containers of our most popular accent colors (5 grams in each)
  • Knot Covers - 100 qty (1 cover goes over knot when bracelet is tied off)
  • Online tila bead bracelet making tutorial


TL0401- Full Tila 10g
TL0402FR Full Tila 10g
TL2075- Full Tila 10g
TL0316- Full Tila 10g
TL0596- Full Tila 10g
TL0443- Full Tila 10g
TL0420- Full Tila 10g
TL4514- Full Tila 10g
TL0519- Full Tila 10g
TL0491- Full Tila 10g
TL0401FR- Full Tila 10g
TL0412- Full Tila 10g
HTL2312- Half Tila 5g
HTL0191- Half Tila 5g
HTL0406FR- Half Tila 5g
HTL0404FR- Half Tila 5g
HTL0254- Half Tila 5g
HTL0401- Half Tila 5g
HTL0146FR- Half Tila 5g
HTL0151FR- Half Tila 5g
HTL0408FR- Half Tila 5g
HTL0401FR- Half Tila 5g
HTL4514- Half Tila 5g
HTL0599- Half Tila 5g
HTL0261- Half Tila 5g
HTL0132FR- Half Tila 5g
HTL0402FR- Half Tila 5g
QTL0250- Quarter Tila 5g
QTL2021- Quarter Tila 5g
QTL0457- Quarter Tila 5g
QTL0412- Quarter Tila 5g

Highly addictive, and waaaay too cute

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