The Perfect Piece for the Perfect Destination

Summer is the perfect time to bring out your favorite pieces of jewelry and add a touch of sparkle to every outing. Whether it’s a casual day in the city or an exotic beach vacation, your jewelry can enhance your look and mood. Here are some fantastic places and occasions to wear your jewelry this summer, making every moment shine a little brighter.

  1. Beachside Escapes

While the beach might not seem like the typical place for jewelry, waterproof or beach-appropriate pieces like toe rings, anklets, and bracelets can elevate your beachwear. Opt for materials that can withstand water and sand. A subtle pendant or a pair of stud earrings can also add a chic touch to your swimsuit and cover-up ensemble.

  1. Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are an excellent opportunity to showcase your most elegant jewelry. Whether you're a guest, part of the bridal party, or the bride, items like a statement necklace or sparkling chandelier earrings can complement your outfit beautifully. Remember, the key is to balance your jewelry with your outfit to ensure a harmonious look.

  1. Road Trips

Road trips call for comfortable yet stylish outfits paired with fun and durable jewelry. Opt for pieces that don’t easily tangle or get in the way, like simple bracelets (we've got some) or minimalist necklaces. These pieces are not only comfortable but also add an element of style to simple travel outfits.

  1. Music Festivals

Music festivals are the playground of bohemian style, where more is more. Layer up with bangles, long necklaces, and statement earrings. Turquoise, beads, and feathers are perfect for achieving that festival vibe. This is your chance to experiment with bold pieces and eclectic mixes.

  1. City Tours

Exploring a new city is exciting and calls for Instagram-ready outfits complemented by your favorite jewelry. A stylish watch, stackable rings, or a classic pair of hoops (check out ours) can enhance your urban exploration outfits. These pieces are not just decorative but can also be conversation starters at cafes and galleries.

  1. Garden Parties and BBQs

Summer social gatherings like garden parties and BBQs are ideal for bringing out colorful and playful jewelry. Floral motifs, vibrant beads, and sun-catching crystals fit beautifully with outdoor settings. A beautiful brooch or a set of pastel bangles can add a touch of summer flair to any casual outfit.

  1. Dinner Dates

Summer nights are perfect for dinner dates under the stars. Whether it’s at a beachfront restaurant or a rooftop bar, the right jewelry can turn an ordinary evening into a special occasion. Think sleek cuff bracelets, sophisticated drop earrings, or a delicate gold chain necklace to add a romantic touch to your evening wear.

  1. Art Galleries and Museums

Visiting an art gallery or museum is a chance to mirror the sophistication of the surroundings. Opt for artistic or sculptural pieces that make a statement but are refined enough to keep the focus on the art. A bold art-deco inspired bracelet or a modernist ring can complement the cultural ambiance.


Jewelry is not just an accessory, but a way to express your personality and feel confident on your summer outings. This summer, take the opportunity to be bold and creative with where and how you wear your jewelry. Each place you visit can be a backdrop for showcasing your unique style and making lasting memories, all while sparkling a little brighter ;)

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