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    The Time Has Come: Easter Tea Time!

    There is a little boy and girl having a tea party outside with red flowers and a white table. They have a tea set and bright clothes on.

    The weather's hopefully getting better, and you know what that means? An Easter tea party! Great this hopeful time of year with a beautiful and fun event for you and your kids. Welcome spring with a new tradition and you'll see how fun it can be!

    Setting the Scene for an Enchanting Tea Party

    Begin by decorating your tea party area with pastel colors, flowers, and fun decorations like bunny figurines. Set the table with a pretty tablecloth, fine china or kid-friendly tea sets, and napkins shaped like bunnies or flowers. Don't forget to include a centerpiece, such as a vase filled with spring flowers or a basket of decorated Easter eggs.

    Delightful Treats and Refreshments

    Serve a selection of finger sandwiches, such as egg salad or cucumber, along with scones, pastries, and cookies in Easter shapes. For a fun twist, you can also offer "bunny food" like carrot sticks and dip. The star of the show, of course, is the tea. Offer a variety of teas, including herbal options for the kids, as well as lemonade or juice. You can even create a special Easter punch with fruit juice and sparkling water.

    Egg-citing Activities for Everyone

    No Easter tea party is complete without some festive activities:

    • Egg Dyeing: Set up a station for kids to dye and decorate their own Easter eggs. Provide different colors of dye, stickers, markers, and other decorations to spark their creativity.
    • Bracelet Making: Offer a selection of beads and elastic strings for kids to make their own Easter-themed bracelets. This activity not only keeps them entertained but also gives them a lovely keepsake to remember the day (check out our bracelet-making kits for easy crafts :)
    • Outdoor Fun: Take advantage of the spring weather by organizing some outdoor games and activities. An Easter egg hunt is a must, but you can also include games like sack races, egg and spoon races, or even a bunny hop contest.


    An Easter tea party is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday with kids. It's an opportunity to enjoy delicious treats, engage in fun activities, and embrace the beauty of spring. So gather your little ones, put on your finest tea party hats, and get ready for an egg-straordinary celebration that they'll remember for years to come!