STAINED - Tila Bead Bracelet | Single
STAINED - Tila Bead Bracelet | Single - Mack & Rex
STAINED - Tila Bead Bracelet | Single - Mack & Rex
STAINED - Tila Bead Bracelet | Single - Mack & Rex
STAINED - Tila Bead Bracelet | Single - Mack & Rex
STAINED - Tila Bead Bracelet | Single

STAINED - Tila Bead Bracelet | Single

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Mack and Rex Tila Bracelets are lightweight, waterproof, ridiculously durable and addictive!

ORDER THE SAME SIZES AS YOUR SHIRT!If you wear a 3X t-shirt, order the 3X bracelet.

We do not believe 'one size fits all', and are very picky on how your bracelet fits. Here are the inclusive bracelet sizes that we offer:

  • 5.75 inches - 2XS
  • 6.00 inches - XS
  • 6.25 inches - S
  • 6.50 inches - M
  • 6.75 inches - L
  • 7.00 inches - XL
  • 7.25 inches - 2XL
  • 7.50 inches - 3XL
  • 8.00 inches- 4XL
  • 8.50 inches - 5XL




bracelet should be loose enough that you can use a finger to move the bracelet left to right, but tight enough you can raise your hand in vertically without it moving up and down. 94% of our clients prefer our recommended fit. Please trust us on the 'perfect size' before trying to size up or down.

MENS BRACELET SIZES – Whatever t-shirt size you wear, order one size larger. If you wear a Medium t-shirt, you will order a size Large bracelet. It's that simple!



PLEASE NOTE: 4XL, 5XL sizes are available on most bracelets, but not all bracelets. 6X size was discontinued but we can make you one if needed.


Even though our bracelets are sweat and waterproof, they aren’t chemical and ‘wear’ proof. Here’s what we mean: the more often you wear our bracelets while cleaning, or sweating, or showering, the more likely it will cause some rubbing or abrasion mixed in with chemicals or oil. When you see gold or silver beads in our tila bead bracelets, It's metal plating over glass. Although all the other glass tila beads on our bracelets are made perfectly for abrasion/friction, the life of the gold or silver plated beads will depend on the care of the bracelet once you own it. We are happy to do a repair for you or swap out beads if needed... which brings us to the next bit of info:


Our bracelets are made of glass and elastic, which means NASA didn't design the materials. Tila bracelets are extremely durable, and we worked hard to find the best materials to make them. Also, your bracelet is handmade and shipped from Utah. This means humans made your bracelet. The good news is that humans on the other side of this business want you to love your product! If there are any issues whatsoever, please send us an email so we can help you. We do offer a 30 day guarantee on all of our products. We look at everything on a case-by-case basis.

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About Us

Mack & Rex

A small business in Utah started by a mom and her two young daughters: McKinlee 'Mack,' and Lexi 'Rex' (ages 12 and 9).

The goal behind Mack & Rex has only ever been to 'spread happy' - and we recognize it starts within the walls of our own tiny warehouse. We hope that you love our products and become 'addicts' like us, and share how fun it is to make and wear our bracelets!

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