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CORRUPT - Tila Bracelet Stack | Set of 3

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Mack & Rex Tila Bracelets aren't your 'typical' tile bracelets.  We make the strongest, beaded stretchy bracelets you're going to find! Not only that, but they add a pop of personality to whatever you wear!

Our bracelets are waterproof, durable, comfortable, light weight, perfect for layering, and make fantastic gifts! Finding the right size is easy because we've spent years nailing down the PERFECT size and fit for our tila bracelets.



Friends, we are P.I.C.K.Y. on how your bracelet fits!! If you'll follow these instructions for sizing, you'll get the perfect bracelet size every time! If you’re giving the bracelet as a gift, use option #2.

OPTION 1 - Get a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist. Lay the string out by a ruler to figure out what length your wrist is. Once you have that information, you will add .25 to the measurement. For instance: if your wrist measures 7 inches, the size you would want is 7.25

OPTION 2 - Use your t-shirt size! Pretty simple, right?! If you wear an extra small t-shirt, you'll get the XS bracelet! (Best to use if you’re giving bracelets as a gift)


5.75 - 2XS

6.00 - XS

6.25 - S

6.50 - M

6.75 - L

7.00 - XL

7.25 - 2XL

7.50 - 3XL

8.00 - 4XL

8.50 - 5XL

MENS SIZES – Use #2 for measuring, but size up. For instance, if you wear a 1X shirt, you will wear a 2X bracelet.

PLEASE NOTE: 4XL and 5XL sizes are available on most bracelets, but not all bracelets.

FAQ: How do you know if your bracelet is the perfect fit? Your bracelet should stay in one place on your wrist, but be able to easily twist around from left to right without much effort. The bracelet should barely move up and down your arm, and may not even move at all. Your bracelet should feel contact with your wrist, but shouldn’t hang either. The bracelet should also lie flat to your wrist.



Anyone who is active, anyone who likes to layer bracelets, or teens are obsessed with our bracelets. We find that moms, teachers, medical & dental professionals, athletes and fitness instructors are drawn towards our bracelets because of their durability and comfortable fit. Because our tila bracelets lie flat to your wrist, they have a slim chance of getting caught on something or getting in the way. Truly these bracelets are made for everyone, but it’s especially important for you to know that they work for these active lifestyles, because that’s not common in the bracelet industry.



Our tila bead bracelets are handmade in Utah, and are made once your order is placed. We use a very expensive crystal elastic cord that is clear in color. We use the highest quality beads from a manufacturer based out of Japan, known as one of the best glass bead producers in the world. The tila beads themselves are small, flat, 2-hole glass beads, or glass tile beads. The square tile beads are about 5mm in size. When finishing our bracelets, we knot them multiple times AND glue them. We use E6000 glue, one of the best glues for beading and fabrics. Multiple years of experience has gone into the strength & stretch of elastic we use, hot tight to tie the knots and finding the highest quality and best colors of beads, and best way to finish them to ensure they last as long as possible!



For the longest life possible, take bracelets off when applying lotion, using chemicals, or when showering and swimming.

Even though our bracelets are water and sweat proof, they aren’t chemical and ‘wear’ proof. Here’s what we mean: When you see gold or silver beads in bracelets, they are either gold filled or gold plated. Same with silver – it’s either plated or filled. Because tile beads can’t be made out of solid gold or silver, the industry uses gold plated tila beads, or silver plated tila beads. Although all the other glass tila beads on our bracelets are made perfectly for abrasion/friction, the life of the gold or silver plated beads will depend on the care of the bracelet once you own it. The more often you wear our bracelets while cleaning, osweating, or showering, the more likely it will cause some rubbing or abrasion on the finish of the plated beads. That being said, there’s a very low chance you’re going to rub off the plating, but it’s not impossible either. We’re rather give you the info, than have you be surprised!



These bracelets are made of glass and elastic, which means they could break or chip at some point. We’ve had people slam their bracelet in a car door, or accidentally get it caught on something that breaks the elastic. For these exact reasons, that’s why we can’t offer more than 30 days on the quality guarantee. Please note that these types of things are not a quality issue on our end. If you find you’ve accidentally broken the bracelet or chipped a bead and want it replaced, we can work with you on either getting a replacement, or sending it in for a repair. You’ll just need to email with pictures and information.



FREE SHIPPING - Whe we offer free shipping, this is usually for a promotion or after you spend a certain amount of money on our products. We do not always have free shipping available. Please keep in mind that this *does* still cost us about $4-$5, so we do try to ship it the most affordable way possible. Processing time with the free shipping is 3-8 business days for bracelets. Please remember that we make these to size as they come in. Once they are made, then it takes another 3-6 business days with USPS to get them to you. Total processing and shipping time could be 5-14 business days. We tend to be faster than this, but want to give you realistic expectations in case we get an influx of orders. 

REGULAR SHIPPING - This shipping option includes a bubble mailer and tracking number. Regular shipping also speeds up your processing time for the bracelets, and moves you ahead of 'free shipping' orders. Processing time for regular shipments is 2-4 business days, and then 3-5 business days with USPS for shipping. Total processing and ship time will be 3-7 business days. 

RUSH SHIPPING - This shipping option moves you to the front of the line for processing. Processing is 1-2 business days, and then we ship Priority with USPS which is 2-3 days depending on how far you are from Utah. Includes bubble mailer and tracking number. Total processing and shipping time is 2-4 business days.



We are humans over here, so that means there's a chance we could make a mistake. Please know right now that we invite you to tag team with us if you're ever in this situation. We're here to help, so please please please reach out to us and allow us to work with you before leaving any review. Also, we just wanna say THANKS, because you're employing a small team of amazing people with your purchase.

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