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Neutral color tila beads in a custom tila kit for making bracelets or jewelry

If you're looking to make your own tila bracelets, the neutral tila bead kit is perfect for you! These are the perfect tila colors for boho or bohemian bracelets. Our Miyuki tila bead kit includes following tila colors and sizes:

  • TL0592 Creamy Pearl - full tila
  • HTL0592 Creamy Pearl- half tila
  • QTL0592 Creamy Pearl - quarter tila
  • TL2365 Coconut - full tila
  • TL0420 White Pearl - full tila
  • TL0593 Light Caramel - full tila
  • QTL0593 Light Caramel - quarter tila
  • TL2021 Bone - full tila
  • HTL2021 Bone - half tila
  • TL0512 Tooth/Eggshell - full tila
  • HTL0511 White Ceylon - half tila
  • HTL0493 Flesh - half tila

***Tools elastic and other supplies for making jewelry are not included. Tila bead kits are meant to be used when you have the right supplies already. We recommend our All-in-one tool & supply kit with this purchase if you do not have the tools or elastic you need.