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The Pastel Tila Bead Kit can comes with 5 grams of each Miyuki tila bead color. The pastel tila beads include the following tila colors:

TL0446 Periwinkle - full tila
TL0420 Pearl White - full tila
TL0250 Rainbow Clear - full tila
TL0370 Seafoam Green - full tila
TL0592 Creamy Pearl - full tila
TL0148FR Icy Blue - full tila
TL0519 Blush - full tila
TL0513 Lemon Chiffon - full tila
TL0150FR Frosted Purple/Blue - full tila
TL0142FR Matte Amethyst - full tila
TL0596 Peach - full tila
TL0599 Rose - full tila

12 individual plastic containers to hold each tila bead color! 


Tools elastic and other supplies for making jewelry are not included. We recommend our All-in-one tool & supply kit with this purchase.