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STAINED - Tila Bead Bracelets Stack | Set Of 3

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Bracelet Measurement Tutorial Bracelet Measurement Sizes

MackandRex Tila Bracelets aren't your 'typical' tile bracelets. We make the strongest, beaded stretchy bracelets you're going to find! Not only that, but they add a pop of personality to whatever you wear! Our bracelets are waterproof, durable, comfortable, lightweight, perfect for layering, and make fantastic gifts!

Finding the right size is easy because we've spent years nailing down the PERFECT size and fit for our Tila bracelets.


Friends, we are P.I.C.K.Y. on how your bracelet fits!! If you follow these instructions for sizing, you'll get the perfect bracelet size every time! If you're giving the bracelet as a gift, use option #2.

OPTION 1 - Get a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist. Lay the string out with a ruler to figure out what length your wrist is. Once you have that information, you will add .25 to the measurement. For instance: if your wrist measures 7 inches, the size you would want is 7.25.

OPTION 2 - Use your t-shirt size! Pretty simple, right?! If you wear an extra small T-shirt, you'll get the XS bracelet! (Best to use if you're giving bracelets as a gift).

MENS SIZES - Use #2 for measuring, but size up. For instance, if you wear a 1X shirt, you will wear a 2X bracelet.

PLEASE NOTE: 4XL and 5XL sizes are available on most bracelets, but not all bracelets.


How do you know if your bracelet is the perfect fit? Your bracelet should stay in one place on your wrist, but be able to easily twist around from left to right without much effort. The bracelet should barely move up and down your arm, and may not even move at all. Your bracelet should feel in contact with your wrist, but shouldn't hang either. The bracelet should also lie flat on your wrist.

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About Us

Mack & Rex

A small business in Utah started by a mom and her two young daughters: McKinlee 'Mack,' and Lexi 'Rex' (ages 12 and 9).

The goal behind Mack & Rex has only ever been to 'spread happy' - and we recognize it starts within the walls of our own tiny warehouse. We hope that you love our products and become 'addicts' like us, and share how fun it is to make and wear our bracelets!

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